Be cool on a summer

Be cool on a summer

Be cool on a summer
Posted by: Ria Brillante on July 11, 2013 in Fitness, News Leave a comment

Summer has never become this hotter. Due to the global warming phenomena covering the world, we have been experiencing extremes of temperatures—an intolerable cold winter and an irritating sunny summer. Being on a hot environment leads to very uncomfortable experiences. While air-conditioned places give us some convenience, we cannot stay on these places for long periods of time. In order to keep your head cool this summer, here is some cooling down technique:

1. Make a peppermint spray

Peppermint, or anything flavored with, it never fails to give a cool, refreshing feeling to us. Now, you can do an easy to do peppermint spray by simply brewing peppermint tea and placing it on the fridge for a few days. After which, you can pour the peppermint to a spray bottle and voila, you can have an instant refreshing bath anywhere you go. You can now call peppermint spray as a melts in your skin, not in only in your mouth sort of thing.

2. Flowers can be refreshing too

If you really want to cool down with a drink, a tea made of chrysanthemum can be of help. This flower is really used to initiate hypothermia in individuals. It is also a suggested beverage for people with fever and would want the heat in their bodies to evaporate. Who would have thought that this beautiful flower in your garden can beat the summer heat?

3. Make a cold bed

If you are encountering some difficulties in sleeping due to summer weather, making a cold bed can assist you. You simply have to place cold compresses underneath the sheets of your bed and allow it to lower the temperature of your mattresses. You can even concentrate the points of cold temperature in your body by placing the compress on your foot, your head or your trunks.

4. Assemble an air-con

You do not need to buy a real air-conditioning unit for you to feel a cold breeze. You can simply place frozen bottled water in front of an electric fan and allow the mist to cool your skin.