Effective Approach To Muscle Definition

Effective Approach To Muscle Definition

There are various misconceptions about the best approaches for getting muscle definition. There are some rules for achieving muscle definition that must be followed. Like every other bodybuilding technique, muscle definition requires time and commitment.. You need to follow a certain plan, chart out a diet and follow a comprehensive workout routine. Just being big and beefy does not make you well defined.

Don’t give yourself an ego boost

Some bodybuilders swear by the mantra – the more the better. They keep pumping iron for long hours throughout the week. This does give them an initial stiffness of muscles. But it is lost as your body gets accustomed to the exertions and goes back to normal. The initial stiffness can be attributed to the lactose build-up in muscles that occurs due to sudden and intense activity. It is much similar to “rigor mortis” (stiffness of death) that is observed in corpses. It is unnatural and short-lived. Therefore, strength training is an important part of muscle definition. Strength training exercises such as barbell workouts, military presses, bench presses, pushups among others play an important part in muscle definition as they strengthen the core. These exercises release residual tension in your body muscles, which help in defining and shaping them.

Don’t miss out on the cardio

Fat is the enemy of muscle definition. You might have a lot of muscles, and you might do a lot of muscle building exercises. But they are pointless if all the muscles are hidden under the layers of fat. Cardio exercises are very important to burn the layer of fatty tissues to reveal well-defined clean muscles. Cardio exercises here refer to running, swimming, skipping and many others. But steady cardio is much less helpful if you are going for a serious fat loss. Interval cardio training is a very effective way of burning fatty tissues and has shown to be almost 8 times more successful than regular cardio.

Chart out an organized routine

You might not be able to get any success if you overdo it. Planning lifting weights and cardio on the same day is a foolish idea. Try separating your weight lifting days from your cardio days as much as possible. This way, you will not get tired easily. If you end up doing both on the same day, always do weight training first since it is very futile as well as harmful to do weight training when you are tired or drained. Also, try planning your cardio activity such that it does not focus on the part which you have already worked on during weight lifting. This will help you gain better results.

But it is not enough to do your best in the gym and then just let go the rest of the time. Keeping tabs on what you eat, posture and other vital things have a lot of effect on the way your body shapes out. No gym workouts will help you if you spend the rest of the day eating cheeseburgers and slouching on your couch! So get active and healthy!