Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma Capsules

Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma Capsules

Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma Capsules

I have a reader asking about the benefits of cordyceps.

Personally, I am taking Lifestream cordyceps.

I started taking because my mentor saw that I always looked tired and prone to cough and cold so she recommended cordyceps to me.

After I started taking this product, I fell sick less and I did not feel so tired as before. It spurred me to read up about it and I discovered a whole new world of supplements. Traditional chinese medicine is actually very useful, bringing back health in a holistic way.

You can take it for the following benefits:

  • It strengthens the immune system – It helps the body to resist and withstand attacks from virus and bacteria.
  • It promotes cardiovascular health.
  • It reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
  • It improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.
  • It helps the body resist allergies e.g. eczema
  • It increases vitality and stamina – It is especially effective in alleviating fatigue and increasing physical endurance and mental acuity.
  • It prevents tumor activity.
  • It reduces the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • It protects our body against free radicals and oxidative stress, that is, anti-oxidant and anti-aging.

The good thing about this product is that it not only contains cordyceps, it also has decaffeinated green tea extract which contains green tea polyphenols. These polyphenols are great antioxidants as well.

Why is Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma Capsules better than wild cordyceps?

  • It is cultivated in a controlled environment without using real larvae.
  • It contains 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins and is concentrated in the active ingredients like cordycepin, cordycepic acid, adenosine and adenine.

What is the recommended dosage?

For health maintenance:

  • Adults: 2-3 capsules daily
  • Children 2-12 years old: 1-2 capsules daily
  • For children who cannot swallow the capsules, the capsule may be opened and contents poured into the food or soup for easy consumption.

For treatment of ailments, e.g. allergies:

  • Take 3-4 capsules, 2-3 times daily or according to qualified healthcare practitioners.


  • Take the capsules with warm water.
  • Avoid drinking coffee with or right after taking cordyceps. It will reduce the potency of cordyceps.