Possible Healing Crisis after Consuming HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina

Possible Healing Crisis after Consuming HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina

Due to long term consumption of inappropriate diet, most of us are not experiencing optimal health. Thus, healing crisis might occur after taking HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina.

These positive side-effects might persist for two, three days or longer, depending on the different health condition of each individual. The following are explanations of some common conditions observed in the healing crisis:

1. Fever

HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina is a high energy superfood that packs with biologically active proteins and other synergistic nutrients. This helps promote body energy metabolism. Excess fat will be burnt and this will lead to the temporary increase of body temperature. The feverish condition will disappear once metabolism is normalized. Drinking adequate amounts of water can assist the body adjust to the change of metabolism.

2. Insomnia, Alertness

HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina is a very alkaline nutritional supplement. It helps to restore body to the right pH environment. When consume continuously the acidic body will slowly revert to normal, restoring vitality. Vitality in body cells contributes to one’s alertness. It is therefore not recommended to consume HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina immediately before sleep to avoid possible insomnia. However, this is only a temporary healing crisis and normal consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina can be resumed shortly after the body adjusts to the improvements in pH condition.

3. Dark Green Faeces

HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina contains chlorophyll. One with a diet lacking of fresh greens require time to adapt to food with high amounts of chlorophyll. As soon as the body starts to accept and absorb chlorophyll in food, color of the faeces will return to normal.

4. Gassiness, Bloatedness

Gassiness and bloatedness are caused by healing activities digestive system that helps to dissolve excrete deposited plaque in the colon.

5. Pain

Chronic pains commonly suffered are related to arthritis, migraine, muscles, nerves etc. These problems are caused by the accumulation of acidic toxins in the affected areas. After consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina, the tissues in the affected areas will actually excrete out more acidic toxins, awaiting to be neutralized by the alkaline minerals from the spirulina. These will temporary leads to more intense pain. However adequate consumption of water and regular sweating will help in the removal of acidic toxins from the body.

6. Tiredness, Fatigue

Due to our modern lifestyle, the problems of poor quality sleep or sleep deprivation are common among us. These problems will in turn lead to liver stress and dysfunction. When the body is endow with nutritious food such as HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina, reparative actions of the liver sets in immediately. The body needs to reclaim back the sleeping hours that was in deficit all these while. You will be demanded by the body to sleep more. This is also part of the normal healing crisis.

7. Weak, Hunger, Dizziness

When the body is nourished with energy dense HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina, detoxification will follow almost instantly. Toxins excreted by all the toxic laden cells will temporarily contaminate the blood system. This condition is known as toxemia. Feeling of weaknesses and dizziness are common phenomena of toxemia. Hunger is also an apparent because body cells are temporary unable to obtain proper nutrition from the much contaminated blood. During such time, increased consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina to aid the absorption of nutrition is highly recommended.

8. Constipation

HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina is not only high in energy, it is also packed with nutrients of high bio-availability. When HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina is consumed by a malnourish person, the body intelligent will direct the digestive tract to optimize absorption of nutrients. More water will be absorbed along the way. This may result in colon constipation if insufficient water is being consumed. Drinking more water will take care of the problem easily.

9. Nauseous, Burping, Heartburn

This condition is probably due to too intense detoxification response brought about by high consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina. It is advised that one with poor digestive ability or one with over acidic stomach condition should consume HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina gradually. Start with small dosages first, increase dosage slowly to allow more gentle detoxification response.

10. Pimples, Itchiness, Skin Inflammation, Sweaty, Foul Urine

During process of detoxification, the body will choose different eliminative organs as channels for toxin elimination. When the body chooses to detoxify through the skin, this will cause topical symptoms like skin itchiness, pimples, inflammation etc. If the toxins are water soluble, increased perspiration and dark foul smelling urine will be observed. These are all positive side-effects. Frequent exercise and sauna sessions are highly recommended to smoothen the detoxification process.

11. Weight Gain

One with poor kidney functions will observe weight gain after consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina. This is due to temporary water retention in the body. When excess water and toxins produced by cell metabolism are not immediately removed from the body, swelling of lower abdomen will occur. Adequate amounts of sweating through exercise and/or sauna will rapidly resolved swelling problem.

12. Temporary Menstrual Disorder

Women have the ability to regularize body pH levels through menstruation. Some women with acidic body pH might experience temporary menstrual disorder after taking HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina. This condition, along with occasional menstrual pain, is a positive-side effect. The duration of this effect is highly dependent on the body pH levels of the individual. After detoxification finishes, one will notices an increased in alertness and improved complexion.

13. Common Cold, Sore Throat

The body utilized HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina as an immune booster to kick start the innate body wisdom for self healing. It performs deep detoxification in the form of common cold. This condition normally involves in children and youngsters with active immune system. It is recommended to take plenty amounts of liquid to speed up the detoxification process.

14. Flu, Cough, Excessive Phlegm

This above condition is caused by excessive filthy mucus blocking the alveolus in the lungs. The body intelligent calls for a cough to shake off and remove the toxic mucus deposit in the lung and trachea. This is also a positive symptom of detoxification process following an improved immune system. Through understanding of the natural laws and acknowledgement of the body’s innate self-healing abilities, the body will perform self-repair even more effectively.

15. Slight Nose Bleeding, Blood Traces in Stools

Human nose is supplied with a network of very fine blood capillaries that rupture easily. During detoxification process, the body will remove acidic toxin through the blood system. Nose bleeding is a common phenomenon, as the thin capillaries in the nose are easily ruptures and by excessive acidity. The ultimate cause of bleeding is due to corrosion caused by blood acidity. However, the condition is only temporary. As for the presence of blood traces in stools, this is due to excessive toxins stored in the tissues of the colon that were left unremoved from the body. As the immunity is improved, detoxification will definitely occur, thus the tiny capillaries on the inner walls of the anus will be corroded resulting in bleeding. As soon as detoxification is over, bleeding will stop, similar to the menstruation process in women.

16. Bleeding in Gums, Shaky (Loose) Tooth

The above condition is caused by the removal of toxins deposited in the gums. Occasionally, this detoxification process involves discharging of pus. If the toxins were not removed, chances of it developing into gingivitis would be high. During this self-healing process, unhealthy teeth will become loose. If any of the loose teeth tighten naturally after a couple of weeks, it indicates that the tooth is still in good condition and can be kept. However, if the tooth is still shaky after three weeks, it is a clear sign that the body is trying to eliminate the unhealthy tooth. Thus, if there is any loose tooth observed shortly after taking HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina, please do not visit the dentist for tooth extraction, unless the condition persists for more than three weeks. However, if the body in favor of eliminating a bad tooth, the tooth will eventually fall off naturally without human intervention.

17. No Effect is Observed

The above situation is common among the middle-aged group between 30 to 50 years old. This middle age group is in the “insensitive zone” that neither enjoyed superb immunity that gets alerted easily by toxin, nor in critical condition that warrant immediate detoxification. Children response easily to HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina because they just need a light “push” to start detoxification. As for the older group ( age>50), toxin accumulation has already reached a critical stage and maliciously close to the saturation point in the body, where only a slight trigger will start detoxification and self-healing process. Therefore people in the “insensitive zone” will not response to HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina easily. This should not be misconstrued as no toxin in the body. It is virtually impossible for anyone to live today with zero toxin stored in the body, thus positive effects will definitely occur after continuous consumption of HeHAHa Harmony Spirulina.