The Bad Breath Report

The Bad Breath Report

is a book written by Tomas O''Caomhanach. It claims to offer its customers a cure for their chronic bad breath in a matter of 3 days, with sparkling white teeth as a side effect and bonus.

Tomas O''Caomhanach promises to teach readers how a $2 mix of common and safe ingredients can cure their bad breath in a way that no other product can do.

The website stated that the cure it offers simply has to be used daily in the morning by washing your mouth out with special ingredients (in a 90 second process).

Tomas O''Caomhanach admits that he is not a doctor, but argues that he himself suffered from bad breath for years and finally fixed his problem while conventional solutions failed him, giving him the knowledge to write the guide.


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"I purchased the report 2 days ago, already I''ve noticed a difference. I don''t have that stale metallic taste in my mouth like I used to have"
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According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), The Bad Breath Report may be an effective solution or remedy for curing bad breath.

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Company/Author Info:

Tomas O''Caomhanach is the author of The Bad Breath Report. The domain name ( was registered in June 2002.

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Product Information:

Contents: Bad Breath Report eBook in .pdf format.

Distribution: Product is distributed instantly via digital download.

Price: $27
Return Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee