Can eating honey decrease anxiety and improve memory?

Well, a recent study suggests it just might.

Interested in foods that burn fat? Well, in reality, many foods have the ability to increase fat burning and assist with weight loss. But a few are better than others. Below you’ll find a nice list of some of the best fat-burning foods around. One thing not mentioned that I would add to the list is hot peppers/chilis, as these have been shown to help boost the metabolism. Overall though the list

Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life. - Les Brown

There is little doubt that setting goals is the first step when setting your course towards any given achievement. When it comes to aspects of fat loss and health, many are stuck in the starting blocks due to shoddy goal-setting. Putting in the extra groundwork in the goal-setting stage will boost your chances of enjoying long-term success. So grab a pen and letâ??s plan for action with these 4 crucial aspects of goal setting.

Corn Syrup is a form of sugar that everybody loves to hate. Various forms of sugar are found everywhere - but corn-based sugars have become increasingly prevalent due to the heavy subsidies paid to US corn farmers over the last decade or two.

So does corn syrup impact appetite in a different way to standard table sugar? Do you end up eating more?

A recent study of body dissatisfaction among college students yielded some surprising contrasts: half of the underweight women thought they were fine the way they were, or wanted to lose even more weight. Yet most of the overweight students were shooting for weights that were still too high to be considered healthy.

And what about normal weight women? Care to guess what percentage of them were unhappy with their current weight?

My first memorable encounter with borscht was at a pot-luck party I had in San Francisco, in which my friend (and later housemate) Elisabeth brought a huge, must have been 12 or 16-quart, pot of drop-dead delicious, deep purply red soup filled with beets. Elisabeth’s grandparents were from the Ukraine, and I think borscht was one of her favorite soups to make. Every time I make or eat borscht I think of my friend and the discovery of how good a soup made primarily of beets can be.

The wind is howling outside, if any leaves remain on the trees they are sure to come down today. Here is a wonderfully satisfying beet borscht, perfect for a cold weather day.

A quarter tonâ?¦ Think about that for a second. That is what Grand Rapids, MI native Nancy Makin lost over the course of 3 years. In 2001, Makin weighed over 700 pounds - largely the result of emotional eating brought on by divorce and loneliness. She spent 12 years in seclusion - only leaving her house about 10 times in that period. So how did she lose it… Surgery? Strict diet? Vigorous exercise?

A computer…

Here’s an interesting site I stumbled across - that will help out with food ideas. Each of the main foods is surrounded by a diagram of appropriate food combinations.

Which fruits go best with cooked chicken? Which cheeses? What about the vegetables?