I had first heard about Ujire NATUROPATHY- NATURE CARE HOSPITAL near Dharmasthala way back in the nineties when my friends would invite me to accompany them and being under the wrong impression that it is only a slimming center, had always postponed the trip. But six months back when I had the opportunity to accompany my sister I did a little study and research about the place and realized that it is not a mere slimming center but a center for holistic treatment for the entire body and soul.The five elements of nature are effectively used in the course of treatment. The building, designed by a Frenchman is an architectural delight. Utmost care has been taken to build the center in the lap of the nature, amidst thick forest, with all the modern amenities, yet preserving its rustic ambiance. The treatments include massages, water treatments, mud and turmeric baths, steam baths and mud packs. Food is at its natural best,care being taken to serve it in its natural form without any spices. The masseuses'' attitude is worth mentioning here. With a smile on their lips and a spring in their steps they make you feel at home and when it is the time to leave, their attitude rubs on you when you spring back to life, all rejuvenated and refreshed - of course that healthy diet and treatment making you not only light hearted but light bodied too!

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