Questions about Lyprinol from Pharmacy Health Care

Questions about Lyprinol from Pharmacy Health Care

to critical review by researchers at the Universities of Adelaide and

Queensland in Australia. Leukotrienes are formed in the body and are

known to be responsible for initiating and prolonging the process of

inflammation. These leukotrienes are formed by what researchers cAll

the lipoxygenase pathway. The concentrated ETA''s (eicosatetraenoic acids)

contained in LYPRINOL have been shown to be potent inhibitors of this

lipoxygenase pathway and this is one reason it is believed that individuals

with diets rich in ETA''s seem to have less discomfort as they age. And,

according to the University of Adelaide scientists, "the results were

extraordinary" and "these compounds are reAlly very potent nutritional

of PUFA''s that have received a lot of attention relative to human nutrition

are the Omega 6 and Omega 3''s. Omega 6 PUFA''s are contained in All vegetable

oils. Omega 6''s are almost totAlly made up of linoleic acid (18:2) and

it''s derivatives. Some of the Omega 6''s are considered more valuable,

such as GLA (gamma linolenic, 18:3) found in evening primrose and borage

oils. Omega 3''s are found to a limited degree in some plants but are

contained in All fish and shellfish. For instance, canola and flax oils

contain alpha linolenic acid (18:3). The Omega 3 PUFA''s contained in

fish are from five to ten times more powerful in their biological activity

with two capsules twice a day for one or two weeks. Some may try three

times a day during this period. Then, decrease to one or two capsules

once or twice a day as desired. The daily level needed to obtain maximum

effect can vary for each individual. If your body requires less, temporary

initial irritation of symptoms may occur with too high a dosage. If

this occurs, simply decrease the amount taken. Some individuals with

serious needs may not receive maximum benefit from LYPRINOL for four

weeks, so it is important to not

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