Strength Trainers

Strength Trainers

Strength Trainers. There is no such thing. Unless of course, you are naming your program? Strength training is all about the program you have chosen. Remembering your goals is key here but there is one more very important point. Just because you want to be Superman strong, doesn’t mean that you will train only for strength in your program.

Program design is so important and understanding the components of a structure withina program is even more important. Using strength as an example, will you have days where you will lift heavier weights and get strong? Absolutely. But you will also havedays where you lift even heavier weights and go for explosive power. You will also have recovery and cardio days.

All of these are equally important and act in their own way to get you stronger. The days of high reps at a faster pace for toning and low reps at a controlled speed for body building (hypertrophy) are so long ago, they are like unicorn to me now. Do they exist?
Did they ever exist?

Freekin legends now.

To properly understand these concepts and how a strength training program goes together, you have to understand the science of the body, patterns of the individual andbio-feedback. These are the internal queues of the individual. Then you must makechanges to the program based upon adaptations within the individual.

The next time you hire a trainer to show you how you will get stronger, pay attention totheir style of training. If you are working on the same structure every day, you willactually plateau your strength goals! Definitely do not pick up your favorite magazineand assume the program will take you there either!

Are you are getting at least these few things? Ensure that you have days where youare only able to lift a few reps. Days where your reps are higher. Ensure you havesome cardio from resistance training and proper recovery on all these types of days.
Ensure that you are getting what you need!

One more thing I’d like to leave you with on this. If your trainer is putting you on thetreadmill to warm up, why are you working with them?? If I am training for strength, I amnot going to waste an ounce of energy before my strength workout on a run!

This goes with all of your goals and programs but I’ll bore you with that another day!