The Great Elliptical Machine Workout in Workout

The Great Elliptical Machine Workout in Workout

The advantage an elliptical machine workout has over a workout on a treadmill or exercise bike is that you work the upper and lower body. This helps to build and tone muscle in both areas and also burns more calories in a given amount of time because, simply put, your body is basically working twice as hard.

Anybody, young or old, beginner or professional athlete can enjoy an elliptical machine workout. There are settings to control the difficulty and length of the workout so anyone can customize a workout that fits their capabilities.

Elliptical workouts are also very low impact on the joints. This is very important for those with degenerative joint diseases like arthritis, significantly overweight people who are worried about damaging their knees or ankles, or for older people with weakened bones.

The workouts are also fun. Most users report enjoying the experience of working out on an elliptical more than on any other piece of home gym equipment. It kind of feels like you are walking on air and while it does take a few tries to get the feel of the motion down, once you do, it’s a blast.

The benefits of these workouts are tremendous. There is medical evidence that working the entire body, instead of just the lower body, burns much more calories and body fat. It also builds more muscle mass. Perhaps even more importantly, the effect it has on the health and overall strength of your heart are greater. You can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increase the amount of energy you have. The health benefits of an elliptical workout are many.

An elliptical machine workout is challenging. You feel like you have accomplished something when you are done and you feel pride when you improve your strength and stamina.

The challenging aspect of the workout helps to bring you back for more, time after time.