The best weight loss supplement there is and some common sense tips to go along with it

The best weight loss supplement there is and some common sense tips to go along with it


The formula for losing weight is well known: work out well and eat better. If you do exercise but come home and devour everything that appears in the fridge, you can be sure that no supplement like lipo 13 cambogia will help you lose the extra weight.

You need to have a well balanced diet, giving preference to fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish and leaving aside the sweet, brigadiers, fried and soft drinks.

The best supplements to lose weight

After you establish a good eating plan, be prepared to take any best weight loss supplement to help burn fat. There are several types of supplements that help with weight loss and act differently in the body.


This type of supplement works by stimulating the body temperature, causing the body to burn more fat. It increase the rate of metabolism, which is the set of chemical processes that take place within all living beings.

All these processes require energy, energy that comes from food calories. This supplement cause a stimulus of cells, causing them to increase their energy consumption. Higher power consumption means increased fat burning.


This is what lipo 13 garcinia cambogia does.


The l-carnitine is an amino acid that is involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where energy is produced in extra l-carnitine cellules. The body, through supplementation, will increase this process of combustion of fat.

By having the task of transporting fats to be burned in the mitochondria, L-carnitinealso promotes the increase of the “good” cholesterol (HDL), helping to maintain unobstructed coronary arteries.


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, in English) is a fatty acid belonging to the family of omega-6 and comes from safflower oil. Their mechanisms of action are not yet fully known but some studies have suggested that it stimulates the burning of fat by inhibiting adipogenesis process (the process that turns preadipocytes into adipocytes).

The best type of CLA available in the market is the Tonalin, patented and guaranteed security.


The Caffeine also stimulates the body and forces you to expend more energy , therefore one of the supplements is also used when burning fat. Studies in women showed an increase between 5 and 8% of the metabolic rate as a result of stimulation caused by the caffeine in energy expenditure.

As with green tea, if you want to see results with caffeine, need to take higher doses than what you find in a cup of coffee.


The fibers do not promote weight loss by increasing body heat. The fiber consists of a chain of sugar molecules that are linked together in a way that cannot be digested.

Therefore,if you include more fiber in your diet, either through rich foods or through the consumption of supplements, then there is no need to eat junk.


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