Cisco Firewall Certification

Cisco Firewall Certification

Earning A Cisco Firewall Certification

One of the most debated and widely discussed topics in today''s networks is security. Security has become a prime concern for every network today. Considering the importance of the issue, going in for a Cisco firewall certification seems to be a nice idea. You are not just going to equip yourself with firewall skills but also add big time to your resume.

This firewall certification comes as an acute transition form the CCNA to the CCSP, more popularly known as the Cisco Certified Security Professional. To make this transition smooth and manageable, Cisco has added certain specialist certifications. These certifications enhance both your resume and your skill set and thus even serves as the perfect foundation stone for the higher-level CCSP.

If you arte seeking to earn one of these certifications from Cisco then you will have four major options to choose from. Cisco offers four VPN/Security certifications, namely Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco VPN/Security Sales Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist and Cisco VPN Specialist. It is a known fact that if you are a WAN engineer, you shall be dealing with Cisco firewalls on a regular basis. So an insight into this popular certification program will always help.

There are two exams that you need to undertake if you are seeking to pursue the firewall certification from Cisco. Cisco offers options in each of these exams that you need to take. These options help you take a route that seems easier to you and is intended to offer you added convenience. As regards the first exam, you have two options. You could either take up the 642-551 SND (Securing Cisco Network Devices) or simply go in for the 642-501 SECUR (Securing Cisco IOS Networks).

Irrespective of which of the two above mentioned exams you take, there are some basic concepts that you arte expected to know. These include the usage of Cisco security devices, knowledge of configuring security on a Cisco switch and on a router. Now this also includes syslog logging, ACLs, AAA, and security for other router services and interfaces.

Now the second exam too has options to offer. These include the 642-522 SNPA (Securing Network with PIX and ASA) and 642-521 CSPFA. Certain topics that you must thoroughly prepare before taking up the exam are IPSec, firewalls, AAA, NAT and policy mapping. For further reference, it is always recommended that you consult the latest exam blueprints which you shall find on the official website of Cisco.

A Cisco Firewall Certification can serve as a great boost to your career and also help you protect your network. It is simply adding to your knowledge base and skill set so that employers eye you as a profitable human resource for the present as well as the future.