Disclosures / Disclaimers

Disclosures / Disclaimers

Disclosures / Disclaimers

The information on this website provides only a summary of the plans available and is not a contract. The Membership Agreement provided to you when you enroll in one of our plans provides all the terms and conditions of the plan. These plans are NOT health insurance. If you currently have health insurance, be aware that canceling that insurance might make it difficult to later obtain health insurance, especially if an illness occurs during the period of time you are not covered by a health insurance policy. We suggest that you consult your insurance agent or company benefits administrator before canceling any health insurance.

We reserve the right to change components of the plans due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

The Accidental Medical Expense and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is subject to the master group policy issued to CHBA.

CHBA is a marketing organization operating under the authority of Vantage America Solutions, Inc. that is licensed and/or registered where required by law as a provider of discounts for medical services.

Additional Disclosures
  • This plan is NOT a health insurance policy.
  • This plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services.
  • This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical service.
  • The plan member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with Vantage America Solutions, Inc.

Pricing and Refund Disclosure:

The initial monthly fee and one-time processing fee are NOT refundable unless governed otherwise by the consumer’s resident state laws’. View your resident state below. For each state the time frame in which the consumer may rescind the program and refund amount will be listed. For those states not listed the initial monthly fee and one-time processing fee are NOT refundable. The plan is not available in all states.

State Cancellation Period Refund Amount
AR 30 days $ 29.90 + $ 29.95
CA 3 days Full
CO 30 days $ 29.90 + $ 29.95
CT 30 days $ 29.95
FL 30 days $ 29.95
IN 30 days $ 29.95
MI 3 days Full
NV 30 days $ 29.90 +$ 29.95
OK 30 days $ 29.95
UT 10 days $ 29.90+$ 29.95
VA 3 days Full
WV 3 days Full

a. This program is not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guaranty Association.
b. This program and the program administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service nor any liability for the quality of service rendered.

Benefit package administered and managed by:
Vantage America Solutions, Inc.
1275 Milwaukee Ave
Glenview, IL 60025

Some discounts under the Physician and Hospital Referral Plan benefit are not applicable in Maryland. Discounts are not available for all In-Patient Procedures and certain Out-Patient Procedures under Maryland law. Out-Patient Procedures at network hospitals such as laboratory and diagnostics services are eligible for the discount.