I wanted to create a muscle and fitness section that is dedicated to the needs of men. As a graduate of one of the finest undergraduate institutions in America and a Biological Science degree holder my full attention is on health and wellness. The goal of this men’s section is to cover important topics such as: weight loss, nutrition, prostate health, sexual dysfunction, {muslce loss/muscle gain} and a men’s forum (the forum will come out soon). This is a place where men from all over the world can come and absorb credible information and insight in regards to their health and wellness.

What Is The Secret To Weight Loss?

As a certified personal trainer and expert in Anatomy/Physiology, I offer the best methods for losing weight quickly and efficiently. Most adult men carry excess weight around their mid sections especially in the gut area! I provide an organized game plan below for you to lose that unwanted body fat. In this section of muscle and fitness, I''ve taken my time in developing the best strategies for overcoming excess bodyfat. If you want more information look for my upcoming ebook on weight loss.

-Secrets To Weight Loss-

*Interval Training. Interval training (IT) is by far the most effective way to lose unwanted body fat quickly. (IT) consists of raising the heart rate to 80 to 90% of the maximum target heart rate for 30 to 40 minutes. The result of this is to keep the body in a state of rapid calorie burning even after your workout is finished. For example, I would play basketball intensely for only 30 to 40 minutes a day and after each workout, my body kept on sweating for an additional 30 minutes minimum. Incorporating (IT) into a workout regiment will positively effect your muscle and fitness well being.

*Eating every 2 to 3 hours. Eating or consuming nutrients every 2 to 3 hours allows the body to rid itself of excess weight or body fat. The body fat gets utilized as a form of energy in the body. Eating every 2 to 3 hours will also aid in opimizing your muscle and fitness capability.

*Eat organic based foods. Organic foods in there purest and most natural form come with nutrients that are optimal for normal body functions. Consuming foods that aren’t organically based increase your chances of becoming obese, overweight, and more susceptible to diseases to name a few. As a result, of consuming foods that are processed greatly increases your risk of inflammation which some say is the prerequisite to body fat gain.


What Are Nutrients?

Nutrients are substances that are involved in the creation of every molecule in the body. The human body needs more than 45 nutrients, and all the different ways that nutrients are utilized are as varied as the cells, molecules, and tissues, they help to create. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates or (macronutrients) are broken down through the process of metabolism to give our bodies energy. In addition, vitamins, and minerals called (micronutrients) are not themselves metabolized for energy, but are instead crucial in aiding to convert macronutrients to energy. In order to optimize your muscle and fitness levels its important to understand what role nutrients play in our lives.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are vitamins, minerals and other food components that can possibly be used to treat illness and also support good health. Plant compounds known as phytochemicals (found in soybeans and tomatoes) have some possible disease battling properties. Supplementation is a primary way to overcome the over tilling problem and thereby helping to maintain sufficient nutrient levels. Zinc supplementation has been researched and shown to reduce the duration of the common cold and decrease the incidence of acute diarrhea in children. A great muscle and fitness regiment includes nutritional supplements.

These days over tilling the soil where we grow our crops has made it difficult for us in America to obtain the adequate nutrients we once had in our fruits and vegetables. As a result, we actually need to consume more tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach to get the same amount in one of those twenty, thirty and forty years ago.

What Functions Do Vitamins And Minerals Play In Our Bodies?

Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in our body’s basic growth, metabolism, and development. Vitamins and minerals do this by aiding the body in performing various tasks. As you may know a vitamin is not a source of energy in and of itself, it can provide the mechanism the body needs to unlock energy stored in food. Furthermore, there are some vitamins and minerals combos that work together such as the mineral zinc and vitamin A. Zinc enables the body to use vitamin A to promote good vision. A lack of vitamin a may lead to night blindness, which consists of the eyes having difficulty adjusting to darkness.

Therefore zinc supplementation may prevent this condition by keeping Vitamin A functioning normally. Supplementation can help to aid in the progress of your muscle and fitness development.

What Is Important About Good Nutrition?

Heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes have been shown to be influenced by eating habits. As a result, dietary changes can help to possibly treat and prevent these conditions. For example, decreasing simple sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose and lactose) can prevent diabetes, and high fiber diets (especially soluble fiber) can help control diabetes. Another example is decreasing fat and cholesterol intake and adding whole grains to the diet can prevent arteriosclerosis (plaque build up in the arteries), which can lead to heart disease or stroke. In addition, a good muscle and fitness training program can help to reduce your chances of suffering from a health disease.

Researchers have found that in a study of 20,000 men, one fishmeal per week was linked to a 52% reduction in the risk of sudden death from a heart attack. Fish is relatively high in omega 3 fatty acids and can protect the heart from fatal arrhythmias. In this section of muscle and fitness I wanted to point out how important fish is especially (wild salmon) to overall health.

Below are a few studies done on nutrition

-Iron supplementation in iron-depleted women improves aerobic training ability.

-Eating small amounts of fish (wild salmon is best) during pregnancy may protect against early delivery and low birth weight infants.

-Lutein and zeanxanthin in the diet may reduce cataracts and protect against colon cancer.

-Flavonoids (found in citrus fruits, apples, onions, carrots and broccoli) may protect against certain types of lung cancer.

A complete muscle and fitness training program along with a good nutritional supplements can help produce overall good health.

Prostate Health

Men’s health is an integral part of my website especially dealing with the topic of enlarged prostate or (BPH) BPH stands for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Prostate health should be given top priority to middle aged men. Research indicates that almost all men will develop some enlargement of their prostate as they age. As a result, by age 60, 50% of men will have a sign or symptom of (BPH). Next, by age 85 nearly 90% of men will have signs of this problem. Close to one-third of these men will develop symptoms that require some kind of treatment. If you or someone close to you like a father, uncle, brother, cousin, or even a good friend doesn’t know about prostate health tell them to read this section. If they don’t want to read this section, then you read it and go over it with them (It is Crucial!). The quality of muscle and fitness optimization will only be aided by a healthy prostate.

What Is The Prostate?

The prostate is a small gland located beneath the urinary bladder and it wraps around the urethra. Because of its location, the prostate can be examined through the rectum (below the bladder and in front of the rectum). The prostate is actually an organ made up of two lobes or regions completely surrounded by an outer tissue layer. This part of my muscle and fitness section delves deeper into the functions of the prostate.

What Does The Prostate Do?

The prostate produces fluid that activates sperm as they are being ejaculated. This prostatic fluid makes up about 30% of semen. Before the actual ejaculation, this fluid lubricates the urethra. This fluid also provides nourishment and activates the sperm to swim. This prostatic fluid also has a high ph (alkaline), which in turn makes the receiving vagina less acidic. Men who don’t have prostates are generally sterile.

What Are The 3 Main Categories Of Problems?

1) Prostatitis- Inflammation of the prostate.

2) Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy- Non-cancerous overgrowth of the prostate.

3) Prostate Cancer- A male only cancer will affect one in three men in their lives.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bph?

The prostate gland actually surrounds the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the body. Because of the prostate’s location around the urethra, if you have an enlarged prostate this can lead to the blockage of the tube, which means you may develop:

-Frequent urination

-Slowness or dribbling of your urinary stream.

-Feeling of urgency or sudden need to urinate.

-Need to get up at night to urinate.

-Hesitancy or difficulty starting to urinate.

As the above symptoms progress, you may develop:

-Bladder infection

-Blood in your urine

-Bladder stones

-Damage to your kidneys from backpressure caused by retaining large amounts of extra urine in the bladder.

-Sudden blockage of the urinary tube, making the need to urinate impossible.

Does Having ( BPH ) Increase Your Risk Of Developing Prostate Cancer?

There isn’t any research now that indicates ( BPH ) increases risk for prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate and prostate cancer both have similar symptoms. Therefore a man can have both an enlarged prostate and have an undetected cancer at the same time. The American Cancer Society states that men who are at high risk for prostate cancer like African Americans and men with a family history of it should get screening around the age of 45. Men with even a higher risk for example, having several relatives with a history of prostate cancer at an early age, should begin testing in their late 30’s. The American Urological Association and the American Cancer Society states that the annual screening procedure of the prostate should begin around the age of 50. This section of muscle and fitness is of utmost importance to men over the age of 40.


Sexual dysfunction in males is usually caused by a combination of one or multiple components of male sexual function such as: erection, low libido, ejaculation and orgasm. These components may actually compromise the ability to engage or modify the interest in sexual activity. In addition, a number of physical and psychological disorders affect sexual function. In this section of muscle and fitness, I enlighten men and women on the sexual shortcomings men have based on health and mental factors.


A complex of neuropsychological processes causes an erection. There is a nerve output that travels through the pudenal nerves and transverses the poster lateral aspect of the prostate. Next, these nerve impulses activate nitric oxide synthase, which produces nitric oxide, which relaxes the smooth muscle lining the sinusoidal spaces that bring together the arterioles and venules within the corpus cavernosa. Penile rigidity is caused by blood flow increasing in the sinusoids which distends them and compresses the venules, causing venu occlusion: for more information on how to remove blockages within the blood vessels of the penis check out oral chelation.

Low Libido

Low libido is a conscious lack of sexual interest or a decrease in frequency and intensity of sexual thoughts, either in response to erotic stimuli or spontaneously. There is a direct correlation between testosterone levels and general nutrition, drugs, and health. In addition, several conditions that are particularly likely to substantially decrease libido are: depression, uremia and hypogonadism. Almost all drugs that are active in the CNS, such as SSRI’S, Tricyclic antidepressants and antipsychotics can potentially lower libido: More information in this muscle and fitness section on libido will be added as new credible research is brought to light.

Ejaculation And Orgasm

The sympathetic nervous system controls ejaculation. Contractions of the vas deferens, epididymis, prostate and muscles of the pelvic floor are produced by x Adrenergic stimulation. SSRI’S may slow or even inhibit ejaculation. Also, during ejaculation the neck of the bladder closes, which prevents retrograde ejaculation of semen in the bladder. An orgasm is the highly pleasurable sensation that occurs in the brain during ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is prostatic fluid that flows backward into the bladder. Retrograde ejaculation causes ejaculatory insufficiency, which is a reduced, or completely absent semen volume. Moreover, retrograde ejaculation is common in men with diabetes or by surgery on the neck of the bladder or operation on the prostate. A premature ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs sooner than expected or wanted by the man and his partner. Premature ejaculation is usually caused by anxiety, psychological factors and several inexperience.

More information on ejaculation will be updated in this muscle and fitness sections as it becomes available.


For a man muscle is important as driving a nice car, having a good job, and for some being able to watch the game without any interruptions. In any event, men are focused on trying to build more muscle, but shouldn’t we be knowledgeable about why we lose muscle? This muscle and fitness section deals with why muscle loss occurs among obese or overweight individuals.

What Are Muscles?

Muscles supply force for movement, hold bodies in position; they also make and restrain motion. Muscles work along with the skeletal system to aid in gross body movement, but also act upon the viscera to produce movement of blood vessels, glands and organs. Muscles play a vital role in both respiratory and circulatory functions as well as heat production. There are three types of muscle and they are listed below.

SKELETAL. Skeletal muscle is characterized by elongated, multi nucleated fibers, or cells, with striations due to light. The nuclei of the fibers are located toward the outer edge of the cells. These muscles are under somatic or voluntary control.

CARDIAC MUSCLE. This muscle is also striated, but their cells are short and branched with a single, centered nucleus. They are also involuntary or not under our conscious control. Cardiac muscles are only located in the heart. Cardiac muscle can contract without hormonal stimulation or extrinsic nerve impulses. The cardiac muscle also has a benefit more mitochondria (the engine part of the cell) thereby allowing it to produce more ATP or energy. Cardiac muscle sustainability is crucial to the longevity of the heart and its the most important of the three in my muscle and fitness section.

SMOOTH MUSCLE. The smooth muscle cells have a single centered nucleus. Smooth muscle is involuntary and not striated like cardiac and skeletal due in part to a non-orderly arrangement of actin filaments and myosin.

Why Do We Lose Muscle?

A constant exchange of fat for muscle exists when we are obese. This process is greatly accelerated when dieting occurs because of the reduced caloric intake compared to when we are dieting. Most people who are overweight, including the obese have high levels of insulin that begin to drop as they start dieting. The decrease in the levels of insulin is really a two edged sword because low levels decrease inflammation which allows us to utilize body fat for energy. However, insulin is the vehicle by which protein enters the cells for maintaining muscle mass. This section of muscle and fitness reveals the importance of having stable insulin levels and cell sensitivity.

Obese or overweight individuals have cells that are insensitive to insulin due to the chronic high levels. In other words, the obese or overweight individuals has a body that is so used to high levels of insulin that when the insulin levels decrease the cells are still insensitive to allowing them to pass protein through them. Insulin is required to uptake both sugar and protein or amino acids into the muscle. At a point later in this muscle and fitness section i will go into greater depth about the importance of insulin.

Taking an anti inflammatory approach to dieting is extremely important because the inflammatory chemicals like Nfkb or Nuclear factor kappa b block the effects of insulin. Nfkb actually compromises the ability of insulin to nourish muscles with amino acids and its involvement in the metabolism of blood sugar. Research indicates that the transcription factor nfkb is activated in obese individuals. As more information on losing muscle is made known to me I will update this section of muscle and fitness.


How To Gain Muscle In The Gym?

It is important to incorporate as many muscles as possible in your workout. Weight training machines are great for strength building and some added muscle growth, but free weights can ultimately increase muscle gain faster. In this section of muscle and fitness, I reveal what can possibly set you apart from others in the gym.

Free weights bring into play the stabilizer and synergistic muscle developments. Stabilizer and synergistic muscles are actually supporting muscles that aid the specific main muscle performs complex lifts. As a result, during a free weight intensive workout more of the stabilizer, synergistic and main muscle fibers are used thereby stimulating more fibers. This greater range of muscle involvement will enable someone to achieve greater muscle mass faster.

An example of an exercise that incorporates a vast amount of stabilizer and synergistic muscles are squats. In order to perform a free weight squat the individual must use these stabilizer and synergistic muscles. In contrast, if the same individual did the squats on a machine fewer supporting muscle fibers would be used.

How To Achieve Muscle Gain Faster?

It is an absolute must that if you want to gain muscle fast then you must weight train with heavy weights. What is the definition of a heavy weight? A heavy weight is a weight that is challenging for you. A heavy weight is something that can be manipulated at a maximum of 12 repititions. The weight is to light, if you do it more than 12 times, before it starts to become too hard to lift. Heavy weights stimulate more muscle fibers, which means muscle and fitness gain occurs at a greater pace.

Do Not Over Train!

Over training is when an individual weight trains too much per week. Lifting heavy weights puts a great deal of strain on the body. As a result, it is important to take adequate amounts of rest and to recuperate after your workout. If you’re lifting heavy weights, this should only be done a maximum of three times per week. Working out 4 times per week or more will not give the muscle the ample time they need to repair and rebuild new muscle. Look for more information on muscle gain, when this section on muscle and fitness is updated.

Real Life

My uncle Ted was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago. As a result, uncle Ted had to have his prostate completely removed. The prostate is a very important organ just like all of the other one''s in our body. The difference is that without the prostate: semen have little chance of survival inside of a woman because the vagina is highly acidic and to combat this the prostate releases an alkaline residue around the semen neutralizing the acid, allows the semen to become more motile. My uncle wasn''t introduced to this. As more real life stories are brought to my attention, I will post them in this muscle and fitness section. To find out more here.. About prostate health related products go below, to our products section.

I encourage men around me starting at the age of 40 to start considering their prostate health. It’s better to start putting an action plan together now, then after the enlargement of the prostate or even prostate cancer occurs. In this muscle and fitness I reveal prostate health, but look for additional information as it is made available.

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For even more information look for my new ebook that’s going to come out on weight loss secrets! Weight Loss Secrets will be out very soon. This muscle and fitness section of my site will continuously be updated and modified according to the new credible information available.

Also look for the section on nutrition coming out next!

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